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common name for several fishes, among them certain membeers of the croakercroaker,
member of the abundant and varied family Sciaenidae, carnivorous, spiny-finned fishes including the weakfishes, the drums, and the kingcroakers (or kingfish). The croaker has a compressed, elongated body similar to that of the bass.
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 and pompanopompano
, common name for fishes of the genus Trachinotus, members of a large and important family (Carangidae) of mackerellike fishes, abundant in warm seas around the world.
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In this article, we identify and address gaps in the understanding of the life history of the recreationally and commercially important Southern Kingfish in the northcentral GOM.
Similarly, kingfish, pomfret, and sherry need to be of 40cm, 25cm and 22cm length.
Similarly, the festival gives enthusiastic residents the opportunity to see and learn about the colourful and friendly banner fish, the anatomies of shark, kingfish and hamour, octopus, lionfish, white spotted shovelnose, carpet shark, spangled emperor as well as Indo- Pacific coral reefs with the assistance of the guides and video presentations.
Joe Schulen heads for deep waters aboard Anna Leah (named after his wife), leading Outrigger Sportsfishing Charters out of Marina Jack's in pursuit of grouper, snapper, kingfish, cobia and more.
The volunteers tagged 17 190 kingfish, a popular sporting fish, between 1974 and 1995 and 1376 fish were recaptured, most within 50 km of where they had been tagged.
In Louisiana, a lot of people were still sorry to see the Pirate Kingfish go.
This depth range is perfect for attracting a wide range of sea life, including the schools of baitfish that kingfish and Spanish mackerel are drawn to.
The Fisheries Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) will enforce a ban on catching kingfish with nets in the local waters from August 15.
Food prices also rose, driven by increases in prices of sugar, rice, chicken, kingfish and corn oil.
Hard bottom off Sand Key and Clearwater Beach and artificial reefs will draw kingfish. It remains to be seen if the kings come in to the beaches south of Pinellas.