kissing bug

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kissing bug:

see assassin bugassassin bug,
common name for members of the family Reduviidae, one of the largest and most varied groups belonging to the order Hemiptera (suborder Heteroptera). Assassin bugs are generally brownish to black, medium-sized to large insects, with heads that are elongate and
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PUCKER UP: Kissing Bug is used to extract samples at zoo Picture: PAUL SHARP; EAR THEY COME: Elephants, including Yasmin, at the zoo
Only one Guatemalan species of kissing bug appears to naturally acquire R.
If left untreated for several decades, it can lead to heart and digestive diseases and it's believed Charles Darwin may have been bitten by kissing bugs during his explorations and that he suffered from Chagas disease.
Transmitted by the bite of the kissing bug or vinchuca, Chagas disease is a public health problem particularly in the poor areas of Latin America and the Caribbean.
Euphemistically known in tropical climates as the kissing bug, the insect Rhodnius prolixus lives in cracks and crevices but crawls out to suck human blood.
cruzi is passed to humans by a blood sucking insect called a kissing bug.