kit home

prefabricated house

A house assembled from components cut to size at a factory, or assembled from building modules shipped to the construction site.
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We had thought about erecting a kit home - which would probably have been easier - but we felt the site deserved something much more special.
According to a 1919 Sears catalog, 1,300 concrete blocks were needed for the foundation of The Chelsea, an approximately 2,100-square-foot kit home.
The appointments are even shorter than those in breast screening clinics since the participant will take the screening kit home where they will do the FIT test.
One of the benefits of buying a log cabin kit home over a pre-built home is that you can tailor it to your specific needs and lifestyle.
After a match at Craven Cottage, the dressing room was deserted after he had complied with the requirements of anti-doping testers, so he took his kit home, washed it, ironed it and took it back the next day.
Across the policing division we quickly set up a local planning group looking to minimise the impact on staff by asking them to take their kit home with them and report to a local office if not dangerous to do so.
"Avoiding head-to-head contact is the best method of prevention, but this can be difficult for children as they're often very close to each other at school and need kit home.
Here are some helpful tips when building a Kit Home:
Many readers will have played on bumpy pitches and have first-hand experience of the footballers described here - 'The Big Unit', 'The Nippy Winger' or 'The Prima Donna who refuses to take the kit home to wash it'.
Soothing comfrey and softening marshmallow combined with nourishing almond and wheatgerm to nurture tired and overworked feet, PS13.00 for 50g from Let the world know where your heart lies - and carry your dance kit home after practice - in a 'Dancing queen' tote bag.