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What does it mean when you dream about a knapsack?

A knapsack in a dream can carry either our difficulties or our personal resources. Perhaps we are carrying burdens from the past, a heavy load that keeps us from fully actualizing ourselves in the present.

References in classic literature ?
Now he threw away all the silver with which he had filled his pockets and knapsack, and filled them with gold instead--yes, all his pockets, his knapsack, cap and boots even, so that he could hardly walk.
The Witch pulled him up, and there he stood again on the high road, with pockets, knapsack, cap and boots filled with gold.
Rook took his knapsack into the outhouse; and arranged on the table his appliances for the toilet--contained in a leather roll, and including a razor--ready for use in the morning.
The two elder reluctantly left him and walked on, taking their brother's knapsack to relieve him in following, and the youngest entered the field.
Among these on-lookers were three young men of a superior class, carrying small knapsacks strapped to their shoulders, and stout sticks in their hands.
Making his way to an empty little table in a corner of the room behind the stove, he put down his knapsack and his cloak upon the ground.
and presenting himself in his cook's cap, lighted the traveller up a steep and narrow staircase; the traveller carrying his own cloak and knapsack, and bidding the landlady good night with a complimentary reference to the pleasure of seeing her again to-morrow.
But he had paid madame his little note at it over night, and wanted to see nobody-- wanted nothing but to get on his shoes and his knapsack, open the door, and run away.
On all sides soldiers were running to and fro, throwing up their knapsacks with a jerk of their shoulders and pulling the straps over their heads, unstrapping their overcoats and drawing the sleeves on with upraised arms.
The first night they slept on the broad fields, among the buttercups and daisies, and the Scarecrow covered the children with a gauze blanket taken from his knapsack, so they would not be chilled by the night air.
scope of services the infrastructure department of iarnrd ireann require that approximately 40 staff members (subject to change) are trained to the following certification standard: city and guilds certification in the following modules: pa1: pesticides; safe use of pesticides course and pa6a: hand held applicator - knapsack sprayers course content to include the following aspects in line with city and guilds course requirements; product labels safe use and application of ppps record keeping review in line with ipm storage and disposal environment/ipm legislation sprayer-specific modules: boom, knapsack etc.
38-caliber snub nose revolved with four ammunition and an empty shell, two sachets of suspected shabu (methamphetamine hydrochloride), marked money amounting to P500 and a knapsack.