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- Core products are single circular knitting machines and double circular knitting machines.
In new industrial flat knitting machines, addition to the electrical forces for moving,and control the different parts, by the electrical circuits, makers also use of special cam design, to impart the minimum amount of force to the needles that trends to increase machine speed.
"The knitting machines reduce 27 operations into five.
Presently about 15,000 different types of knitting machines are available in the country.
The company Steiger is active in the production and the sales of industrial knitting machines. With a headquarter based in Vionnaz Switzerland, its activity is supported by operations in China.
The ratings could be positively impacted by a successful installation of Surina's remaining knitting machines on schedule, EBIDTA margins of beyond 9% with a leverage of below 4x.
It has promised the same for Indian exports of power looms and knitting machines, lace machines and other equipment such as shuttles, flyers, reeds and needles.
The award was made to Tritex Inter-national, of Dawsons Lane, Barwell, which makes specialist knitting machines for the textile industry.
Out of total 3950 Circular Knitting Machines, only about 802 are imported machines.
Knitting machinery is divided into circular knitting machines and flat knitting machines.