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knotting, knot sealer

A sealer (such as shellac, aluminum paint, or varnish) for knots in new wood; used to prevent bleed-through of resin into paints.
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Ileoileal knotting is a rare form of intestinal knotting.
Okazumi, A case of ileosigmoid knotting in a child.
According to the Book of Knots there are only six basic types of working knots (excludes decorative knotting).
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Attach two black laces using cow hitch knots to make knotting laces Step 2 Make three box knots
A smartly knotted tie is one in which the knot is pulled high into the collar while arching out, giving it more life, There are several knotting methods: Flusser suggests the four-in-hand, which is illustrated in his book, If done correctly, the knot will form a dimple or inverted pleat, which enhances a tie's staying power.
They range from the "The Ashley Book of Knots," the Bible of the subject (with 3,800 different knots and 7,000 illustrations) to "The Klutz Book of Knots: How to Tie the World's 25 Most-Useful Knots," (comes with nylon cord, color-coded to the illustrations, that the reader pushes through holes on each heavy-stock page, thus allowing practice-tying of all 24 knots in paint-by-number fashion.) And, of course, there are knotting books of special interest to anglers, boaters, climbers and many other sports to boot.