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2004) allows the complexity of the knowledge management and transfer processes to be put into perspective, with a view to achieving exponential returns within an organization (Tobin, 2004).
There are national and international conferences focused on KM, as well as publications such as the Journal of Knowledge Management and Knowledge Management dedicated to the topic.
To cover so much territory, knowledge management must encompass everything from reward systems and training to culture and leadership.
Fourth, developing incentive-based in-service training activities, educational programs, and professional development concerning the use of knowledge management to support learning-centered, instructional leadership; and
Sage: Knowledge management is a critical element in e-business -- whether it's with us permanently or whether it fades out as it becomes embedded in our processes.
According to Bill Korink, Senior Vice President for Intelligence, "part of our growth strategy is to continue pushing into cutting edge areas such as Knowledge Management and Information Assurance.
Of the companies that have adopted large-scale knowledge management policies, including Coca-Cola, Ford, General Electric, IBM, Monsanto and Xerox, the CEOs play an active role.
Three Waves of Information Portals for Knowledge Management.
They keep people from reinventing the wheel," says Pat Shafer, a knowledge management expert and the senior vice president of E-business, at Bell and Partners, a communication consulting firm in South Norwalk, Conn.
Contending that the acquisition of knowledge depends on timely access to information, some observers equate knowledge management with the development of computer databases, data warehouses, and other automated information repositories.
IDC defines knowledge management as a formal process that evaluates a company's organizational processes, people, and technology and develops a system that leverages the relationships between these components to get the right information to the right people at the right time to improve productivity.

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