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The second and third experiments found that buttressing provided by the human fist increased the stiffness of the knuckle joint fourfold (or reduced flexing fourfold), and also doubled the ability of the fingers to transmit punching force, mainly due to the force transferred from the fingers to the thumb when the fist is clenched.
"It was just one of those things I was doing work at the No Limits training track and the back end cracked and threw the chain off and I've come down hard on my hand and cracked the knuckle joint.
- The knuckle joints are designed with realistic shapes that allow the fingers to move within their correct trajectories for naturally squeezing and spreading.
The knuckle joints begin to deteriorate and fingers are pushed out to the side.
So the Teacher Jumped Up on the Desk So the teacher jumped up on the desk in our freshman English class, the front door to the mind for us little less than middle-class Catholic girls at Immaculate Heart College &, our eyes fixed on our professor, his spit flying, his suit coat and tie flying, him waving a little black & white copy of this Howl like it's a hymnal & he's got religion, he's got the juju chant & rattle of a million dead rosaries sent electrical shock to revive & turn themselves into the knuckle joints and knee bones of the living-- Let's dance it all started to say, let's shake this thing, this hour, this book, this life which is not going to be the one you registered for--NO, you are not going to return to the parish & iron the alter cloths.
Five knuckle joints provide better load distribution and smoother action.