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see hartebeesthartebeest
, large African antelope, Alcelaphus bucelaphus. The hartebeest resembles a horse with horns. It has a very long face and a small hump between the shoulders; its coat is fawn or reddish and its ringed horns curve up and inward in a U shape.
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Led by chairman Charles Ng'ethe, the residents claimed Kongoni assistant county commissioner John Opondo and Kongoni police station boss Patrick Arimi have been compromised to harass and drive them out of the land.
For the six grazing species with precocial young (wildebeest, topi, kongoni, warthog, buffalo, zebra), Fig 3.
Olukokha said a teacher from Kongoni then went to Shikoti with Melon after which they exchanged contacts and agreed to follow up.
Near Lake Naivasha is the home of Kongoni's head warden, Marcus Russell.
Meanwhile, police in Kongoni Naivasha are holding a 13-year-old boy for allegedly defiling a girl, 3, and leaving her for the dead.
Naivasha sub-county commissioner Isaac Masinde confirmed the incident and said the suspect was being held at Kongoni police station and will be arraigned.
The lioness stayed next to a fresh Kongoni (Cokes hartebeest) kill that looked fresh, the cubs looked like they had already had a good feast during the night.
Opondo, who is in charge of Kongoni division, added the investigating officers had recovered the weapon and 24 bullets.
The incident took place within the police housing estate at the Kongoni station, where Lemen was based.
Thursday 01/03/2018 a Kakamega a Likuyani a Kongoni
'Votes will be recounted at two poling stations in Kongoni, two poling stations at KPA, one poling station at MoW and one poling station at KOWI,' the judge said.
Naivasha police boss Samuel Waweru said the man is being held at Kongoni police station.