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, kopek, copeck
a monetary unit of Russia and Belarus worth one hundredth of a rouble: coins are still used as tokens for coin-operated machinery although the kopeck itself is virtually valueless



(Russian, kopeika), a Russian small change coin, equivalent to 1/100 of a ruble. It was first coined in the 1530’s from silver. During the 16th and 17th centuries it was commonly known as a novgorodka. In 1704, Peter I introduced the copper kopek into circulation, and from 1718 on silver kopeks were no longer minted. Today in the USSR the kopek is made out of a yellow copper-zinc alloy.

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Calismamiza, sallantili yuruyus, uzun dinlenme periyodu sonrasi ilgili ekstremitede topallik, hareket etmede isteksizlik gibi sikayetlerle getirilen 9 erkek (%75), 3 disi (%25) 12 kopek dahil edildi.
wtu uE With the boys about to undertake a mammoth 33 date Eurpean tour, you can expect to hear the name Kopek a lot more often.
Mr Issam Feghali, the Managing Director of Kopek Construction Limited, guaranteed the Federal Government that the project would be finished within the specific time.
Para su manutencion y avituallamiento, el gobierno gastaba el 25 por ciento de su presupuesto nacional, es decir, de cada rublo, 25 kopeks (centavos) se canalizaban al sector militar.
A collection of his short stories has been translated into English as Roubles in Words, Kopeks in Figures (1985).
At the trade open today, dollar/ruble opened nearly 40 kopeks lower -at 32.
Since August, Bank Rossii has moved the corridor within which it intervenes in the market by five kopeks for each USD700m it spends.
In the meantime, the CBR announced yesterday that it shifted RubBask floating band another 5 kopeks upwards (to 31.
81 RUR (+10 kopeks vs the previous close), and the currency basket formed 37.
The rate of biacurrency basket corrected vs ruble on Friday having lost 37 kopeks (37.
At the domestic currency market, ruble continued giving up its positions, having lost another 46 kopeks vs dollar (32.