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, kopek, copeck
a monetary unit of Russia and Belarus worth one hundredth of a rouble: coins are still used as tokens for coin-operated machinery although the kopeck itself is virtually valueless
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(Russian, kopeika), a Russian small change coin, equivalent to 1/100 of a ruble. It was first coined in the 1530’s from silver. During the 16th and 17th centuries it was commonly known as a novgorodka. In 1704, Peter I introduced the copper kopek into circulation, and from 1718 on silver kopeks were no longer minted. Today in the USSR the kopek is made out of a yellow copper-zinc alloy.

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Yesterday ruble managed to firm its positions vs the currency basket, which closed at 35.31 RUR, which is 11 kopeks below Friday level.
By the end of yesterday trade at the currency market, dollar/ruble pair lost 9 kopeks and formed 31.36 RUR and the biacurrency basket rate reduced 10 kopeks to35.42 RUR: despite the overall not quite good macrostats, ruble probably was supported by the oil prices yesterday that upped above 104 USD (Brent).
However, the rate of the biacurrency basket lost yesterday about 7 kopeks (35.33 RUR) due to reduction of euro following the exchange indices of the European grounds.
Dollar/ruble closed at 30.93 RUR (CE32 kopeks vs the previous close), and the currency basket closed at 35.23 RUR (CE29 kopeks).
At that, the price of Brent traded a bit above 101 USD per barrel by close lost 36 kopeks vs dollar (31.45 RUR) and 37 kopeks vs the currency basket (35.76 RUR).
In its turn, on behalf of euro rate upping, the biacurrency basket managed to get stronger vs the domestic currency by 6 kopeks to 35.20 RUR.
By the end of Wednesday, trade dollar/ruble pair closed at 30.88 RUR, which is 14 kopeks below the previous close.
After yesterday's trade, dollar lost 30 kopeks and closed at the level of 31.22 RUR.
At the domestic currency market, early this week ruble did not change significantly: it lost 2 kopeks vs dollar and 8 kopeks vs currency basket (31.08 RUR and 35.05 RUR respectively).