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korina, limba

A hardwood of central and west Africa, light to moderately heavy, having a straight grain and fine texture; one variety is light cream to pale yellow in color, while the other is light brown; used for paneling.
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We played with the twins all morning and now ordered pizza for lunch," Korina shared.
Korina had a hard time producing eggs as she suffers with an illness wherein only "half of her one ovary" functions.
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"Korina is the holy grail of woods for guitars and has been since Gibson featured the wood in its now classic guitars of the 1950s and '60s," he says.
It is said that the Belo clinic had walk-in clients who simply told the reception desk: "I want a Korina.
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The social media storm created by Filipina newsreader Korina Sanchez's blind item about a blonde CNN reporter who has got his fact wrong runs parallel to super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) which battered central Philippines with its 315 kph winds.
Larry Frye, executive director of the Fine Hardwoods/american Walnut Assn., said it is most often known in the United States by its commercial name korina, (occasionally spelled corina).
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