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see damaliskdamalisk
, name for African antelopes of the genus Damaliscus, closely related to the hartebeest. Damalisks are slenderly built and rather horselike in form; they are common grazing animals of the African grasslands.
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There was no sign at all of korrigum, so we struck southwest along the Aoukele, carrying what water we could.
The young regenerating shoots of these grasses combined with other species that can grow in the openings provide the niche for African buffalo, topi (Damaliscus korrigum), and waterbuck (Kobus defassa), a sequence that was classically named the 'grazing succession' (Vesey-Fitzgerald 1960).
In Serengeti, follower species include wildebeest (Connochaetes taurinus), topi (Damaliscus korrigum), buffalo (Syncerus caffer), and zebra (Equus burchelli).