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South African
1. a hut village in southern Africa, esp one surrounded by a stockade
2. denoting or relating to the tribal aspects of the Black African way of life
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a settlement of cattle-raising peoples in South and East Africa (Hottentots or Bantu, for example). Collapsible huts are arranged in a circle, inside which there is an area that is used as an enclosure for livestock. The kraal is often surrounded by a fence.

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Assistant Supt Ikobeng also said some farmers failed to build kraals resulting in animals going astray.
The kraal was a semi-intensive cattle raising system with a stocking density of one cow per 3.0 [m.sup.2].
Chief beer officer at Ubuntu Kraal Brewery, Ndumiso Madlala, says Air Products has been a part of their operations from the beginning when the brewery was being commissioned.
"Whenever a problem arose which involved other kraals in their area, the kraal-heads held a joint meeting.
He drives the sheep out of his Grandfather's kraal, guides them away from the deep donga to the veldt to graze, where he must protect them from hungry baboons.
( My South African Adventure: Kraal Gallery, and Seize the Day [BLOG]
His father will thus approach him at the kraal where he will be waiting and ask him if he has been attracted to a specific girl.
The animals live at the Ayutthaya Elephant Palace and Royal Kraal, which provides shelter and employment for domesticated Thai elephants in the historic former capital city.
Summary: Thailand's worst floods in 50 years have left 15 elephants stranded at the Royal Elephant Kraal in Ayutthaya.
12, Raymond "Killa" Gentle, a prominent leader of the Kraal Road Crips Gang, was shot dead at the corner of Baracat Street and Kraal Road while he supervised the construction of a house under the Hurricane Richard Rehabilitation Program.
Die leser verkneukel haar/hom in die idiosinkratiese vroue wat weier om by die kleindorpse sosiale konvensies in te val, in die mans wat so menssku is, dat hulle in die kraal gaan wegkruip wanneer kuiermense kom en tantes en ooms wat hulle lewe lank, selfs in die openbaar, kaalvoet Ioop.
Another leader of RJD, Ram Kraal Yadav reacted on the issue by raising slogans outside the Parliament House.