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South African
1. a hut village in southern Africa, esp one surrounded by a stockade
2. denoting or relating to the tribal aspects of the Black African way of life



a settlement of cattle-raising peoples in South and East Africa (Hottentots or Bantu, for example). Collapsible huts are arranged in a circle, inside which there is an area that is used as an enclosure for livestock. The kraal is often surrounded by a fence.

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He writes: "At the level of the extended family, or kraal, the leader [of the traditional system he saw in Rhodesia, which also cuts across the continent] emerged naturally through acceptance by the family, and, as long as he enjoyed their respect and confidence, he was their representative and spokesman.
Terry Kraal and his wife, Sue, are staying on the property in an insulated shed in the backyard, but must vacate by Dec.
Just three years after 2009, roads are carpeted, schools are thriving and new buildings sprung overnight-Jaffna lagoon is a veritable haven for fisherman with thousands of shrimp kraals dotting the vast stretch of calm water.
Often, their friend Elize comes to the kraal for weekends, too.
The giants from down under are usually better than us, and the only realistic chance we have comes when we band together and send our Lions into their kraals to cause mayhem.
In desperation, the people decided to punish them by burning their kraals.
When they are all dead, when even the farmhouse has fallen into ruin like the kraals on the hillside, the farm will be here.
37) Cattle were guarded within a circle of huts while small kraals were made for calves and lambs to protect them against jackals.
No special equipment was necessary and, like net-caught turtles, they could be held alive in kraals while awaiting sale.
The cattle kraals are empty, the goats gaunt, no milk now for children, but she is carrying water on her head.
Farmers also complained about lack of proper care at the kraals noting that their cattle are not fed as expected.
The project is complementary to a dairy project initiated by the Association, the holding kraals of which are located next to an abandoned dumpsite which has recently been revived and is becoming a nuisance not only to the dairy project but also to the upcoming Phase II trans-boundary water project between Lesotho and South Africa.