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3% lower than the production costs in the conventional management, for calopo and tropical kudzu, respectively.
We didn't just kill the kudzu and leave the soil open for erosion," Weaver says.
In short, regulatory episodes, like the first kudzu plantings, always seem to lead to the germination of future regulatory kudzu.
And like the beautiful flower of the kudzu, that's when we must slow down and look carefully for the beauty; because often there is beauty, if only in the character required to outlive troubles.
No longer could buildings avoid scaffolding and sidewalk sheds, and the onslaught of Urban Kudzu was on
Kudzu was thoroughly washed with pure water, dried at 80[degrees]C, and ground into fine powder using a laboratory mill (Fritsch Rotor Speed Mill, Germany) with rotation speed of 14,000 rpm.
Total phenolic determination of the various food sources showed that kudzu had a significantly higher concentration than the other food sources (Table 1).
While the kudzu vine itself is not edible, you can make the leaves, flowers, (http://www.
The present study tested the effects of dietary kudzu supplementation on glucose and lipid metabolism in genetically obese animals.