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(kŭm`kwŏt), ornamental shrub of the genus Fortunella of the family Rutaceae (ruerue,
common name for various members of the family Rutaceae, a large group of plants distributed throughout temperate and tropical regions and most abundant in S Africa and Australia. Most species are woody shrubs or small trees; many are evergreen and bear spines.
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 family), closely related to the orange and other citrus fruitscitrus fruits,
widely used edible fruits of plants belonging to Citrus and related genera of the family Rutaceae (orange family). Included are the tangerine, citrange, tangelo, orange, pomelo, grapefruit, lemon, lime, citron, and kumquat.
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. It has evergreen leaves, sweet-scented white flowers, and small, orange-yellow edible fruits which are eaten fresh or in preserves. Three or four types of the kumquat, which is probably native to China, are cultivated as house and hedge plants in the Gulf states and in California. They are much hardier than most oranges. The kumquat is also called kinkan. Kumquats are classified in the division MagnoliophytaMagnoliophyta
, division of the plant kingdom consisting of those organisms commonly called the flowering plants, or angiosperms. The angiosperms have leaves, stems, and roots, and vascular, or conducting, tissue (xylem and phloem).
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, class Magnoliopsida, order Sapindales, family Rutaceae.
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Basically an orange the size of a grape. Small shrubby trees grow to 15 ft (5m), sometimes with thorns. Standard citrus leaves (dark glossy smooth green basic pointy shape. White citrus flowers. Orange-yellow grape-sized fruit is eaten whole and raw. The rind is sweet and the juicy inside is sour. Incredibly rich sources of health benefiting dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins, flavonoid antioxidants, carotenes, lutein, and pigment anti-oxidants that contribute immensely to our health and wellness. The peel is rich in many essential oils, anti-oxidants, and fiber. Used for collagen synthesis, wound healing; anti-viral, anticancer activity, neuro-degenerative diseases, arthritis, diabetes, removes oxidant free-radicals from the body. Lots of B vitamins for metabolizing carbs, proteins and fats.
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(genus Fortunella), evergreen fruit trees or shrubs of the family Rutaceae. The leaves are small and dark green. The flowers are white, small, single or in clusters, and perfect. The fruit is up to 2 cm in diameter, round or oval, and yellow-orange in color, with a rind that is smooth, very fragrant, sweet, and edible; the pulp is sweet and acid.

Kumquat is quite frost-resistant (surviving short-term frosts up to 12°C). It grows well in the humid subtropics of the USSR and bears fruit on both acid and slightly alkaline soils. It is native to eastern Asia. There are six species in China, Japan, and on the Malay Archipelago and two species in the USSR (both cultivated)—the Nagami, or oval, kumquat (F. margarita) and the Marumi kumquat (F.japónica). The fruit is used for jams and candied peels. Kumquats are grown as ornamentals and are used in plant breeding for developing frost-resistant forms of citrus fruits. They are propagated by grafting on all species of citrus plants and on Poncirus trifoliata. They are cultivated in the same manner as other citrus crops.


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A citrus shrub or tree of the genus Fortunella in the order Sapindales grown for its small, flame- to orange-colored edible fruit having three to five locules filled with an acid pulp, and a sweet, pulpy rind.
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, cumquat
1. any of several small Chinese trees of the rutaceous genus Fortunella
2. the small round orange fruit of such a tree, with a sweet rind, used in preserves and confections
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Grapes, plums, jujube (a type of date) and kumquats will also bring good luck and prosperity.
The citrus group that showed positive results for CTV infection was Lemon and Lime, Sweet Oranges, Mandarins and Kumquats (Table 3).
A kumquat tree's branches bear thorns; the blossoms white, color of
Chef Leong has included many an ingredient that are traditionally associated with good luck and prosperity: Abalone for Good Fortune, Fungus for Long Life, Tofu for Happiness, Duck for Fertility and Kumquat for Gold!
From left, cardamom poached pear with chocolate sauce and ice cream; creamy confit of duck egg yolk with roasted pepper and mustard seed salsa; shallot tart tatin with pumpkin puree; white crab salad on a bed of avocado puree and kumquat compote
That's the quid pro quo - no buses, sometimes no parsley and definitely no kumquats, but all the friendliness in the world.
Mycorrhizal inoculation markedly increased length, projected area, surface area, volume, branch and cross of the root systems, and the increases were kumquat Greater than red tangerine [?] trifoliate orange Greater than sour orange.
"Sweet Memories of Holidays Past & Future" with pastry chef Kristen Murray features Gougeres; Spiced Fruit-Filled Pear Parcel; Tarte au Chocolat (candied kumquat, homemade Crme Friche in a cinnamon, coffee and star anise-infused ganache custard baked in a cocoa nib-peppered shell); and Sultana Holiday Trifles.
While we've heard of some of the devices, like the Nypon, Kumquat and Pepper, in the recent past, the rest are new, with one of them the much-awaited Xperia Play 2.
chile syrup to eventually cover kumquat slices; set aside remaining
Add crushed ice, swizzle until the outside of the cup frosts, top with more crushed ice, garnish with one kumquat on a toothpick and three sprigs of lemon balm leaves.
Under the agreement Sunvalley will design and install a 145.16 Kilowatt solar power system to provide alternative energy to Seaview Ranch, one of the largest kumquat and sweet lime suppliers in the US.