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1. another name for dripstone
2. Computing a group of characters, such as a number or a word, appended to a particular statement in a program to allow its unique identification
3. Chem a radioactive element used in a compound to trace the mechanism of a chemical reaction
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What does it mean when you dream about a label?

A dream about labels is often about self-projection, either how we want to be perceived or how we imagine others see us.

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(computer science)
A data item that serves to identify a data record (much in the same way as a key is used), or a symbolic name used in a program to mark the location of a particular instruction or routine.
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drip, headmold, hoodmold, label, throating, weather molding

drip, 4
1. The outermost projecting molding around the top of a door or window, to discharge rainwater.
2. A throat, 2.
3. A pipe, or a steam trap and a pipe considered as a unit, which conducts condensation from the steam side of a piping system to the water or return side of the system.
4. A container that is typically installed at a low point in a gas piping system to collect condensate (i.e., liquids that may form within the gas system).

label molding, label

label molding
A square-arched dripstone or hoodmold; extends horizontally across the top of an opening and returns vertically downward for a short distance.
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An identifier used to mark a position in a program so that it can be the destination of a goto statement.


The identifier assigned to a datagram for label switching.
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(1) A made-up name that is assigned to a file, field or other data structure.

(2) Any descriptive text entered into a spreadsheet cell as a page, column or row heading.

(3) In programming, a made-up name used to identify a variable or a subroutine.

(4) A virtual folder in Gmail. See Gmail labels and virtual folder.

(5) A self-sticking form attached to the outside of a disk cartridge or tape for identification.

(6) In magnetic tape files, a record used for identification at the beginning or end of the file.

(7) An external DOS/Windows command that names a storage unit (the volume label). The name can be up to 11 characters long with spaces. The following example names the C: drive "Kingston SSD:"
label c:Kingston SSD
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Complementing the simplicity of the mechanical design, the labeler operates with high-end controls.
Like the Race line, the Bench labelers are easy to set up and operate, with no training required.
The recent Awards are the latest honors bestowed on SureThing CD Labeler. Other top awards for the software have included the 2000 Shareware Industry Awards and the 2001 People's Choice award for Best Windows Application.
Section 6(b) requires the agency to give a manufacturer or private labeler a summary of information the agency plans to disclose to the public if the information "will permit the public to ascertain readily the identity of such manufacturer or private labeler."(14) In most cases, the CPSC will give this notice to the manufacturer or private labeler 30 days before the release of information and allow it 20 days to comment.
The labelers print in a variety of type sizes, four type styles and three highlights.
Featuring a new swiveling yoke option, the labeler can be flipped from vertical to horizontal orientation to quickly changeover between top and side labeling configurations.
has released its newest thermal transfer labeler, the DuraLabel 2000 PLUS Handheld Label Printer.
First, printing date and lot codes directly on the box with a dot-matrix ink jet printer, then using a print-and-apply labeler to place a UPC bar code on the corner of the box.
For example, if the labeler malfunctions, the buffer system stores the bottles, enabling the blow molding machine to continue operating.
For example, if you are the supplier of the tea but, because you are a small business, you do not have the resources (facilities, machinery) to pack your tea, then outsourcing the packing to a private labeler can get your product to market.
The labeler includes a sensor at the end of a roll that activates one labeler, or both labelers can operate simultaneously, each applying a different label.
of Franklin, WI, presented its newest labeler, the Linaroll n-line, roll-fed system at the Pack Expo 2001, held in Las Vegas in the all.