laboratory fume hood

exhaust fume hood

A prefabricated cabinet which confines odoriferous, poisonous, or corrosive fumes for exhausting or filtered recirculation; esp. used in laboratories.
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Manifolding laboratory fume hood exhausts will, in most cases, provide additional dilution of chemical emissions prior to discharge from the building.
A laboratory fume hood may be considered the primary protection for lab workers,8 but that depends on the work environment.
Howden American Fan Company's SMB blower line is suited for laboratory fume hood exhaust fans in universities and research facilities.
The concept of laminar flow does not provide a practical model to characterize the motion of air flowing through a laboratory fume hood.
This basic function has been so well served by the laboratory containment industry over the decades that, even alter recovery from a recent recession, research firm IBISWorld in 2013 estimated the laboratory fume hood manufacturing industry, which includes a variety of containment products, will grow at an average yearly rate of 0.5%.
International Resource News-November 17, 2011--Met-Pro Corporation's Strobic Air business unit receives a new contract for research laboratory fume hood exhaust systems(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing -
As to how these issues may be managed today, until a few decades ago most laboratory fume hood exhaust applications were handled by rooftop centrifugal fans with individually dedicated tall exhaust stacks.
Labconco Corp.'s Protector XStream laboratory fume hood is a high-performance fume hood that performs well at low air volumes.
Holland Safety Equipment offers two air flow monitors suitable for laboratory fume hood retrofits--the AFA500 and AFA1000, manufactured by TEL (Temperature Electronics Ltd.).

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