laboratory fume hood

exhaust fume hood

A prefabricated cabinet which confines odoriferous, poisonous, or corrosive fumes for exhausting or filtered recirculation; esp. used in laboratories.
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A laboratory fume hood may be considered the primary protection for lab workers,8 but that depends on the work environment.
The concept of laminar flow does not provide a practical model to characterize the motion of air flowing through a laboratory fume hood.
International Resource News-November 17, 2011--Met-Pro Corporation's Strobic Air business unit receives a new contract for research laboratory fume hood exhaust systems(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing -
As to how these issues may be managed today, until a few decades ago most laboratory fume hood exhaust applications were handled by rooftop centrifugal fans with individually dedicated tall exhaust stacks.

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