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A missile-tracking system that uses a visible light beam in place of a microwave radar beam to obtain measurements of speed, altitude, direction, and range of missiles. Derived from laser detecting and ranging. Also known as colidar; laser radar.
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(LIght Detection And Ranging) An optical technology that senses the shape, motion and makeup of objects in the environment. It is used in a wide variety of disciplines, including airborne mapping, measuring atmospheric conditions and self-driving cars. LIDAR works by pulsing laser signals using all light ranges (ultraviolet, visible, infrared) and amplifying the light that is scattered back through an optical telescope and photomultiplier tube. Sometimes called "laser radar," LIDAR technically uses light waves and not "radio" waves (see radar). See self-driving car.

LIDAR in a Self-Driving Car
LIDAR can be used to sense objects in front, back and on the sides of a vehicle for all possible detection purposes. (Image courtesy of Phantom Intelligence,

Temi Moves on Its Own
The LIDAR module (red arrow) on the Temi personal robot is used to detect objects as it moves around the house. (Image courtesy of Temi,
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If a real-world lift truck veteran like Dave Griffith expects telemetry to become a standard safety feature on lift trucks, I sense that we won't have to wait much longer after that for interfaces to LADAR and LIDAR systems.
"As you fly over the area you can generate your own map using the ladar and feed that into the system."
* Detailed, accurate, long-range images for LADAR users from an environmentally hardened package.
For the LADAR, CAN data interface was chosen (instead of a RS-232 which is the standard interface), because it enables high grabbing speed, up to 1 MBit/s, and it can be easily connected via low cost CAN to USB adaptor to an USB port.
A hybrid iterative algorithm has also been developed for registering three-dimensional LADAR range images obtained from unmanned aerial and ground vehicles (Madhavan, Hong, and Messina 2004).
Active guidance requires that a radar (or LADAR) be located on the weapon itself.
AWASM will feature a laser detection and ranging radar (LADAR) seeker to automatically determine target aim points using demonstrated automatic target acquisition algorithms.
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* Turbulence sensing laser-rader called ladar, developed with Nasa and USAF can identify areas of temperature differential too subtle for present methods of detection which indicate fields of wind shear in the upper atmosphere.
Ladar Levison, owner of shut-down secure email service Lavabit, has taken up the challenge and is collaborating with the folks at Silent Circle and convicted hacker Stephen Watt to come up with a solution to the problem.