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History a woman with proprietary rights and authority, as over a manor


1. (in Britain) a title of honour borne by various classes of women of the peerage
2. Our Lady a title of the Virgin Mary
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But it was when the ladies were alone that Becky knew the tug of war would come.
It is true that the opposition ladies at the other end of the room kept up a loud and ceaseless buzzing and talking, but the Lady Steyne did not hear those rumours.
Cliftonville Ladies Under-15s goalkeeper Rachael Norney felt the same.
Complete with an all-female staff on-ground throughout the park, it is no boys allowed at the World's Leading Waterpark on Thursdays for its Ladies Day and Ladies Night events.
Eva Thomson made her 100th appearance for Westdyke Ladies in their 5-2 win against Musselburgh Windsor but Nairn Ladies exited the competition after a 7-0 home defeat by Clark Drive Ladies.
DEFENDERS: Janet Agyir (Hasaacas Ladies), Gladays Amfobea (LadyStrikers FC), Justice Tweneboa (Ampem Darkoa), Ellen Coleman (Lady Strikers FC), Anatasia Akyaa (Sea Lions FC), Blessing Agbomadzi (Sea Lions), Rita Okyere (Prisons Ladies)
"I am very proud to partner with the African First ladies to become 'Merck More Than a Mother' ambassadors and partner with them to build healthcare capacity, break the stigma of infertility and empower women and girls in education with special focus on STEM.
The 12 international lady tour professionals will be en-route the second leg Australian Ladies Classic Bonville after featuring in the season-opening Fatima Mubarak Ladies Open in Abu Dhabi over the weekend.
He advises: "If the Primera is in good shape, buy it, but not because it's owned by a lady." Philip Kitoto, the Nation relationship columnist, also routinely calls women ladies.
- Cross-country skiing ladies' 7.5km + 7.5km skiathlon (16:15)
They have certainly lived up to their "dream team" nickname by dominating ladies bowls in 2014 and 2015 - with back-to-back victories in the Huddersfield League, Yorkshire Top Team Cup and British Club Championships.