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A pointed piece of hardwood used for clearing out the grooves of the cames, which hold panes of glass in stained-glass windows and casements.
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For sports leaders, it also involves managing their complex authentic emotions in front of their followers in crucial events as if on stage (Ladkin & Taylor, 2010).
(3) Barbara Neuhofer, DimitriosBuhalis, Adele Ladkin, (2012), Conceptualising technology enhanced destination experiences, Vol.
As the literature suggests (Hatipoglu et al., 2016; Ladkin and Martinez Bertramini, 2002), collaborative institutions and frameworks are essential for ensuring participation of all interested parties, leading to sustainability.
(26.) Rob Halpern, 'Useless Commodities, Disposable Bodies: An Essay on Value and Waste' in Sam Ladkin, Robert Mackay, and Emile Bojesen, eds., Against Value in the Arts and Education, London, Rowman and Littlefield 2016, pp150-1.
Thus, innovation can be considered as a key leverage to develop and upgrade operations at hotels (Wong & Ladkin, 2008).
Even people who want to be ethical organizational managers or leaders can find themselves accused of unethical behavior unless they have learned some practical skills, says Ladkin. She discusses paying attention, asking artful questions, developing moral perception and moral imagination, building blocks for ethical action, taking ethical action, navigating organizational systems ethically, ethics beyond the organization: stakeholders and intercultural contexts, and continuing the journey towards ethical mastery.
Todo ello afecta negativamente a las condiciones de trabajo (Alvarez Aledo, 1996; Airey y Frontistis, 1997; Baum, 1995, 2007; Garcia Pozo y otros, 2011; Ladkin y Riley, 1996; Lam, 2002; Lee y Kang, 1998; Lennon y Wood, 1989; Lever, 1987; Liu y Wall, 2005; Lucas, 2004; Pizam, 1999; Riley y Szivas, 2003; Riley, Ladkin y Szivas, 2002; Rodriguez Rodriguez y Arroyo Varela, 2000; Servicio Publico de Empleo Estatal, 2011; Sheldon, 1989; van den Berghe, 1992).
The issue of employee creativity in hospitality industry has been addressed by a number of researchers (Wong, Pang 2003; Wong, Ladkin 2008; Hon 2012; Slatten, Mehmetoglu 2011; Hon et al.
& Ladkin A., A Typology of Technology-Enhanced Tourism Experiences, International Journal of Tourism Research, Int.
Research offers insights into the ethics of sustainable production, management, and consumption of the tourist experience (see Fennell, 2006; Miller and Twinning-Ward, 2005; Mowforth and Munt, 2009; Weeden, 2001); debates conceptualisations of ethics within tourism in general (see Fennell, 2006; Fleckenstein and Huebsch, 1999; MacBeth, 2005; Smith and Duffy, 2004); or explores opportunities for stakeholder empowerment (see Joppe, 1996; Ladkin and Bertramini, 2002; Li, 2006).