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History a woman with proprietary rights and authority, as over a manor


1. (in Britain) a title of honour borne by various classes of women of the peerage
2. Our Lady a title of the Virgin Mary
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Adverts on solving unhappy loveless marriages, lady friend companions, sugar mummies, rich ladies and sponsors, looking for romantic lady, a herbalist from Kigoma who will solve problems you didn't even know you had- these adverts are deceiving the youths and making them think they can easily get success without working for it.
Still Game BBC1, 9pm Winston is enjoying his newfound happiness with his lady friend Winnie, but the excitement gets too much for him and a surprise wedding proposal slips out.
Ken leaps to his lady friend's defence, but offends her by describing the hairdresser as just a friend.
CAN you help find a home for a sweet natured gentle giant rabbit and his lady friend? Attikus and Bethan have recently paired up at Bryn-YMaen with staff looking for a forever home for them to be together.
In interview, he said that the car belonged to a friend and he'd driven it to Castle Hill to meet a lady friend.
Police Command in Rivers says it has arrested one Mr Princewill Owabiyo, 34, suspected to have murdered his lady friend.
Two to three years ago, I heard from a close friend of Bong Villafuerte that an alleged numbers game operator was already a 'reformed man.' According to a lady friend, the said person busied himself with business not related to gambling.
There are rumours he has a lady friend in the town if Tom wants to tell us he will in his own time.
Meanwhile, JP prepares for the biggest day of his life as his wedding day approaches, and Humphrey bumps into an old lady friend.
I travel frequently from Barry to Tremorfa and Pengam Green, my Lithuanian lady friend having a daughter and grandchildren in Tremorfa, I then go to Pengam Green to visit a friend and colleague who will otherwise be alone this festive season.
Provencher and her husband Mike of Douglas; his "lady friend", Linda A.