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see ladybird beetleladybird beetle
or ladybug,
member of a cosmopolitan beetle family with over 4,000 species, including 350 species in the United States. Ladybird beetles are mostly under 1-4 in. (6 mm) long and are nearly hemispherical in shape, with very short legs.
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Alexandra Fellows, Jamie Maddox and Sharon Fellows celebrate their inspection results with children at the Ladybug Pre-School and Nursery
A huge blob that appeared on the National Weather Service's radar wasn't a rain cloud, but a massive swarm of ladybugs over Southern California.
[USA], Sep 06 ( ANI ): Skydance media and animation studio ZAG are collaborating to develop a live-action film and television content based on the animated series 'Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir'.
Weeks later, the larva burrows out of the ladybug. It weaves a cocoon around itself and starts to develop into an adult.
Scientists have captured slow-motion video of this mechanism on a ladybug and gotten an inside look at it for the first time, after replacing the two-piece protective layer, the red and black polka dot elytra, with an artificial transparent one.
A little 4-year-old blonde girl with a big smile and a love for ladybugs and kitty cats.
Now, an Agricultural Research Service patent on Allen's invention could open the door to a commercial-scale procedure insectaries can use to mass-produce the ladybug's eggs for release in home gardens, commercial greenhouses, and crop fields where they would prey on the aphids, spider mites, and other plant-damaging pests lurking there.
If there is one animal that can take down the ladybug, it is a tiny wasp about the width of a fingernail.
Edge-stitch using machine satin stitch or free-motion stitching as Bea did (Diagram II) to complete Ladybug Block.
Skip Hop Zoo Travel Neckrest MADE from plush velour fabric, these soft and cosy neck-rests shaped as either an owl, monkey, bee or ladybug, can help children rest on long journeys.
They had just learned that their sweet ladybug was going to live a short life.
For example, their dark chocolate-covered, brown rice Crisp Bars have names such as the Ladybug (with raspberry flavoring), the Moose (with roasted hazelnuts) and the Kid, which is a sophisticated twist on PB&J with blackberry preserves.