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see bonefishbonefish,
common name for a fish belonging to several species in the two genera of the family Albulidae. Albula vulpes, the bonefish, is widespread in warm, shallow marine waters; it is the only bonefish found worldwide.
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Ladyfish and jacks can be aggravating at times, especially when baits are retrieved too fast and too high in the water column.
Brenda Mage, 'Ladyfish' costar, quips, in jest: 'It's my first time to land a meaty role.
Ladyfish inhabit coastal beaches, bays, and estuaries of the southeastern United States (4), (5), and other subtropical and tropical regions worldwide (6), (7).
But I had already slung them aboard, and they had already begun to do what ladyfish do when they're landed.
The purpose of our study was to determine whether age-0 ladyfish make predictable size-specific seasonal movements that would identify them as an estuarine-dependent species.
Best chunk baits include mullet, bonito, sardines and ladyfish. Best live baits include silver trout, threadfins and small ladyfish.
Live baits such as small jacks, blue runners or ladyfish work really well and some guys use live stingrays for bull sharks.
Power plants like the one at Anclote Key discharge warm water and attract a variety of fish like pompano, cobia, jacks, ladyfish and others.
In order to save time, I began drifting these spots using a 1-ounce circle-hook jig and a small strip of ladyfish we keep as cut bait on the boat.
North and South Biscayne Bay inshore fishermen will see plenty of action from Spanish mackerel, bluefish, ladyfish, jack crevalles, snook, tarpon, seatrout, sharks, barracudas plus snapper and grouper.
For the Spanish mackerel, small king mackerel, bluefish, ladyfish, jacks and blue runners, a Rapala No.
Caption: Madison Smith from Allen, Texas with a 30-inch snook caught in Estero Bay while on vacation, caught on cut ladyfish on a circle hook.