lag error

lag error (altimeter)

An error in a pressure altimeter when height changes are very rapid. The altimeter lags behind the actual height—the altimeter overreads in a rapid descent and underreads in a very rapid climb. The higher the rate of change, the higher the error. The error is not as prominent in rapid climb.
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For example, Hervino (2011) use the Autoregressive Distributed Lag Error Correction Model (ARDL-ECM).
In addition, the bus carries extensive diagnostics functions such as motor and junction temperatures, samples of current and lag error data, and other information.
TABLE 7 Manufacturing Indicators: Lags between Key Series Estimation technique: Almon distributed lag Observation period: 1970M1-97M9 Standard Series and Mean Lag Error of Predecessor Series (Months) Mean Lag Industrial production, durables/ 2.342 Undefined Durables orders, real Durables shipments, real/ 1.654 Undefined Industrial production, durables Series and Adjusted [R.sup.2] Predecessor Series of Equation Industrial production, durables/ 0.401 Durables orders, real Durables shipments, real/ 0.309 Industrial production, durables Lag Specification Series and (Order, Lag Length, Predecessor Series Endpoint Constraint) Industrial production, durables/ 2, 12, None Durables orders, real Durables shipments, real/ 3, 9, None Industrial production, durables
Holes can be tapped at higher cutting speeds with the rigid tapping feature, and the velocity feed-forward function reduces lag error.