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1. the skin of a lamb, esp with the wool still on
2. a cotton or woollen fabric resembling this skin
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the skin of a lamb of a coarse-fleeced breed of sheep (excluding astrakhan sheep) that has died or been killed before the age of two weeks. The hair on a lambskin forms cylindrical, bean-shaped, and ring-shaped curls of large to small sizes, and there are transitions to straight hair. Lambskin is considerably inferior to karakul and other astrakhan skins in quality of fur and the flesh side of the hide. It is used to make collars, hats, and coats.

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"For our last collection, we used pink lambskin leather.
Bear Motion has you covered with a soft but beautiful leather case for iPhone 5, made out of 100 percent lambskin. This case is Bear Motion's "super premium" offering for the iPhone 5, built with a hard plastic frame to protect the iPhone but wrapping the screen and back in soft lambskin.
A 125 cc Sweyd with a furry lambskin seat is a popular choice as a young man's first set of wheels.
The younger brother, when he knew I had no lambskin trousers, exclaimed, "you will die in these Himalayan passes.
Not only was the face extraordinarily intense and expressive, but the sculptor had also taken huge pains to show his virtuoso skills in the carving of various surfaces--curling hair, beard and lambskin as well as hide and drapery.
There are few more stylish ways to keep your fingers from frostbite than with these gorgeous Prada seamed logo gloves in lambskin with silk lining.
Next to the rusty bed lay one small duffel bag with all of her worldly possessions: two T-shirts, pants, raggedy lambskin slippers, and her toiletries.
For condom users in search of a biodegradable option, traditional lambskin varieties are still widely available, though infections are more likely given bacteria's ability to penetrate lambskin pores.
Zarkani's designs include hobo styles, laptop bags, and refined ladylike purses in a variety of lambskin, python, and ostrich leathers.
I am loathe to recommend lambskin because, while they are biodegradable, they are porous and do not protect against STDs.
During this period we may further add devices, such as lambskin boots, multipodis boots, an air mattress, or other off-loading devices.
Millicent Fenwick, who's pushing 14 and is the least demanding of the felines, is napping in front of the fire on a footstool with a lambskin draped over it.