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disabled or crippled in the legs or feet

What does it mean when you dream about limping?

A dream about limping could represent feelings of weakness, inadequacy, or uncertainties about a particular situation. A dream about lameness might also be alluding to the metaphorical use of “lame” as being pathetic or unoriginal.


A fabric, usually of silk, rayon, or polyester, ornamented with flat metal threads.
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have reported chat not only is the behemoth Italian-centric beauty show one of the most international shows anions the lamest Italian exhibitions.
Only one involved Coventry City, and Sky Blues fans of a nervous disposition won't need reminding that was at Oakwell in October when Andy Thorn's men produced arguably their lamest performance of the season but certainly weren't helped by a quite ludicrous penalty decision that gifted the Tykes their first goal.
That is one of the lamest excuses I have heard of in my life, they are moving the crossing to a more dangerous place.
The lamest team of technicians and parts specialists in the industry, Rotoflex users are supported with the knowledge and experience that only an OEM service team can provide.
I was told that attendance is almost voluntary with the lamest excuses accepted.
WEEK Mohammed of the lamest letting everyone know nothing of thrill of election it is an affront to delay the election count in until the after.
But the reality is that the IMF has no power over China (or any other country with a current-account surplus); the final communique last weekend was arguably the lamest on record.
Beedi is still a sizzling favourite, guaranteed to get the lamest party on the floor, while other hit songs have come, reigned and long been forgotten just like her counterparts.
Respect them, and you can avoid being the guy who missed time due to a kitchen injury, which is probably about the lamest thing you can do to get placed in a med down status.
Duke, the hero, is the lamest of all: Channing Tatum could convince an audience by playing an inarticulate slob in "Step Up" but the role in this film demands more guts and enthusiasm.
It gets off to the lamest of starts with an outdoor presentation, The Start of the End, in which the Belgrade's Middle Youth Theatre link the Day of Judgement to global warming - to which the piece's seven revving motorbikes make a small contribution.
But it's unlikely Microsoft will withhold Windows 7 from MSDN and TechNet for long; when it tried to do that in early 2008 with Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1), subscribers revolted, calling the decision "boneheaded" and "the lamest since Microsoft Bob," the latter a reference to a ridiculed interface that debuted in 1995.