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1. a thin plate or layer, esp of bone or mineral
2. Botany the flat blade of a leaf, petal, or thallus
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A thin sheet or layer of tissue; a scalelike structure.
A thin, clearly differentiated layer of sedimentary rock or sediment, usually less than 1 centimeter thick.
A flat or curved arrangement of unidirectional or woven fibers in a matrix.
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A concurrent object-oriented language.

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["ELINT in LAMINA, Application of a Concurrent Object language", Delagi et al, KSL-88-3, Knowledge Sys Labs, Stanford U].
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En los finales de la lamina el flujo [FI]z surge en direccion normal.
An injection needle (1.1 x 40 mm, 21# Sterican Hypodermic Needle; Braun Melsungen AG, Melsungen, Germany) is used to mark a point [C in [Figure 1] on the thyroid lamina 2 mm at least anterior to the reference point [B in [Figure 1] and 5 mm superior to the inferior margin of the thyroid cartilage in men and 4 mm in women.
Peciolos, raquis y laminas glabrescentes, solo la porcion basal del peciolo densamente pilosa y escamosa; tricomas uncinulados escasos en la cara abaxial de la lamina; laminas con la base subabrupta a gradualmente reducida; peciolos de 1/10 de la longitud de las frondes Amauropelta rivularioides (Fee) Salino & T.E.
No periodo entre 10 a 30 dias, para o tratamento sem reducao foliar, a lamina de 2,19 mm [dia.sup.-1] (T2) foi superior as demais, enquanto para o tratamento com reducao foliar a lamina de 2,92 mm [dia.sup.-1] (T3) obteve a maior media em relacao a MSR (Figura 3).
The laminated beam specimens were prepared using the above-mentioned square timber and lamina. Eight types (A, [B.SUB.JL], [B.sub.DF], [C.sub.JL], [C.sub.DF], [D.sub.JL], [D.sub.DF], E) of specimens were provided as shown in Figure 2 and Table 2.
(2004) discovered that the cervical and thoracic regionof esophagus of all the birds were composed of smooth muscles while the esophageal glands were present in the lamina propria of the mucosa.
Esophageal leukoplakia has a complete basement membrane and does not infiltrate the lamina propria, which is the most important feature for identification of SCC.
grisea Machuca-Machuca Indumento de la planta grisaceo-tomentoso Hoja, largo/ancho (cm) 1-3 x 1-2.5 Pedunculos, largo (cm) 0.1-0.5 Bracteolas, forma triangulares Sepalos, forma y apice ovados apice agudo Una, longitud (mm) 8-9 Lamina del petalo, largo/ancho (mm) 1-1.5 x 0.5 Margen posterior de lamina del petalo lobulos cortos no revolutos Androginoforo, 1-2 longitud (mm) Margen externo de los estaminodios apiculado, apiculo translucido Fruto, diametro (cm) 0.8-0.9 Aculeos, forma y longitud (mm) cilindricos o conicos, recurvados 1-1.5 Semilla, longitud (mm) 3-4 Distribucion geografica S.L.P., Gto., Qro., Hgo., Ver.
Cada lamina se expuso al menor tiempo necesario para la captura de la imagen evitando su exposicion directa a la luz solar.