laminated wood

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laminated wood:

see plywoodplywood,
manufactured board composed of an odd number of thin sheets of wood glued together under pressure with grains of the successive layers at right angles. Laminated wood differs from plywood in that the grains of its sheets are parallel.
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Laminated wood

An assembly of pieces of wood with the fibers or grain in each piece parallel to the fibers of the other pieces. The wood is built up in plies or laminations and joined with glue or mechanical fasteners. They are held together under pressure until the glue sets.
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Laminated Wood


a wood material in the form of sheets made from edgings and faced with veneer strips on both sides. The edging thus serves as the base and the veneer as the facing layer. Edgings for individual sheets are produced from lumber from a specific species of tree, usually softwoods, the softer hardwoods, or birch. The thickness of the edgings is 1.5 times greater than the width. In order to improve the appearance, one or two layers of planed veneer may also be attached with glue, and the surface of the sheets may be polished. Sheets of laminated wood are up to 2.5 m long, up to 1.5 m wide, and 30 mm or more thick. The ultimate strength of a laminated-wood sheet under static bending varies from 6 to 25 meganewtons per m2, and the moisture content is less than 10 percent. Laminated wood is widely used in the furniture industry, in the manufacture of railroad cars, and in construction.

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laminated wood

[′lam·ə‚nād·əd ′wu̇d]
Board or timber composed of layers of wood glued together with the grains parallel.
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laminated wood

Board or timber built up of plies which are joined together by gluing; usually the grain of all plies is parallel.
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Large-scale production of prefabricated boosts It being made possible with laminated wood sections, permanently assembled with Plaskon Resin Glue.
The testing procedures and requirements for resistance to delamination used were as specified in ASTM D 2559 (ASTM 2004) for structural laminated wood products for exterior use.
The huge 10-1/2-ft wide by 73-3/8-ft deep beams are placed 24 ft on center, connected with laminated wood purlins.
There is laminated wood flooring and a quality fitted kitchen with modern appliances.
Chapters cover wood and reaction to moist air, warping of solid wood, swelling, shrinking and warping of laminated wood products and more.
Steel-rule trimming uses a sharp knife that is usually mounted on a laminated wood die board.
Boyd's new LIGHTWEIGHT OPTION is an ultra streamlined laminated wood stock designed especially for hunters desiring maximum comfort and mobility.
With a structural laminated wood (LVL) made up by laminating and bonding a plurality of wood laminas, the wood laminas are respectively formed in an approximate L-shape or U-shape in one plane, and the structural laminated wood is formed in an approximate L-shape or U-shape having two side portions of predetermined lengths approximately at right angles to each other.
Seen from outside, its squat articulated shell of brick and terracotta belies the grander interior scale which is articulated by vaulting arches of laminated wood, each muscularly strapped by bolted iron ties.