lamp socket

lamp holder, lamp socket

A device which mechanically supports a lamp for the purposes of making electrical contact with the lamp.
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However, many of the ubiquitous self-ballasted CFL or LED lamps (containing integral electronic ballasts) that can be easily screwed into a standard Edison-based lamp socket typically have a relatively low power factor of between 0.
Each LED light screws into a molded E26 lamp socket and each socket has hook eyelets.
The ability to screw each light into a molded E26 lamp socket.
Any purchased light bulb will screw into a lamp socket.
How to wrap a package, get rid of mice, remove pet stains, clean a computer, baby proof your home, set up a wireless network, dust a delicate lamp shade, repair a lamp socket, prepare for an emergency?
A lamp socket itself can go bad, but more often it's the switch inside the socket.
The Ikea-range Strala tinsel lights do not fulfil safety regulations and there is a risk that bits of the tinsel decoration could get into the lamp socket when changing a bulb, which may cause a shock.
The lamp socket and trim can also be adjusted 20[degrees] laterally for compound sloped ceiling or to compensate for off-axis aiming.
The chip is connected to an internet router and could be embedded in every appliance and every lamp socket in the house, says iPic creator Hariharasubrahmanian Shrikumar.
The common brass shell lamp socket (key or pull chain) is used on most lamps.
The S8 style of socket has been in use for over 10 years, with the standard design being a two-piece system comprised of a lamp socket pin module that accepts the bulb contact on one side and female plug housing on the other," said EuiHwa Jung, global product manager, Molex.