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1. a pointed surgical knife with two sharp edges
2. short for lancet arch, lancet window



a surgical instrument with a double-edged blade, formerly used for lancing abscesses, opening veins (for bloodletting), and scarifying the skin (for vaccination). The lancet has been replaced by the scalpel in modern medical practice.


A sharp-pointed, double-edged cutting instrument used to make small incisions.

lancet, lancet window

1. A narrow window with a sharp pointed arch typical of English Gothic architecture from ca. 1150 to ca. 1250.
2. One light shaped like a lancet window.
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Known for its popular babyLance(tm) safety heelstick, SurgiLance(tm) safety lancet and MediPlus(tm) advanced wound care products, MediPurpose has leveraged its success in the medical device industry to become a master medical product distributor that provides unique solutions for both medical product manufacturers and distributors.
Examination of the data revealed the mean value of subjects' perceived pain, with the Contact-Activated Lancet at the lowest with a scale mean of 1.
Comment on "data exclusivity": While not mentioned in The Lancet statement, medical ethics should also look at international trade agreements that require unnecessary trials.
The controversy continued for years, peaking in mid-February 2004, when Lancet editors were notified of six allegations of misconduct aimed at Dr.
But last night The Lancet said it might not have published the research if it had known Dr Wakefield was being funded by both a hospital and the Legal Aid Board - creating a potential conflict of interest.
Last night the editors of The Lancet issued a statement which said they regretted that aspects of funding for parallel and related work and the existence of ongoing litigation that had been known during clinical evaluation were not disclosed to editors.
When you use the new BD Logic[TM] Blood Glucose Monitor with BD Ultra-Fine[TM] 33 Lancets, the pain associated with testing is cut in half.
Elsevier Science (New York) will begin the publication of THE LANCET NEUROLOGY, a monthly journal for clinicians and researchers worldwide in all areas of neurology, with an issue in May.
The traditional way to obtain blood samples from a newborn is to poke his heel with a lancet and then squeezing the heel until enough blood is collected.
Liebman had made a careful survey of the literature she would have found a classic study published in Lancet nearly 40 years ago that compared weight loss in overweight individuals on different 1,000 calorie per day diets under hospital ward conditions.
The Lancet CD will utilize powerful search software from Ovid Technologies and will include links to the EMBASE database.