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see spearspear,
primitive weapon consisting of a wooden shaft tipped with a sharp point, usually 8 to 9 ft (2.4–2.7 m) in length. The point may be carved from the shaft and hardened in a fire, or made from another material; the oldest non-wood spear tips were of flint, later of
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a thrusting weapon with which infantry and cavalry were armed from very ancient times. It is a variation of the spear. The lance is 3 m 30 cm long, with a tip that is 12 cm long.

Lances continued to be used in the infantry until the early 18th century. Most countries had lance cavalry units until World War I, and in a number of countries they lasted until the 1930’s. The Soviet Cavalry was armed with lances until 1931.

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To cut or open, as with a lancet.
To cut into but not through the piece of work.


A surface-to-surface missile that has inertial guidance and a liquid propulsion system, to provide artillery support for infantry, armored, mechanized, and airborne divisions.
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1. Surgery another name for lancet
2. short for sand lance (another name for sand eel)
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Local Area Network Controller for Ethernet.

The alternative name for the Am7990 integrated circuit used in a Filtabyte Ethernet controller card.
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