land reform

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land reform:

see agrarian reformagrarian reform,
redistribution of the agricultural resources of a country. Traditionally, agrarian, or land, reform is confined to the redistribution of land; in a broader sense it includes related changes in agricultural institutions, including credit, taxation, rents, and
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; collective farmcollective farm,
an agricultural production unit including a number of farm households or villages working together under state control. The description of the collective farm has varied with time and place.
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; ejidoejido
[Span.,=common land], in Mexico, agricultural land expropriated from large private holdings and redistributed to communal farms. Communal ownership of land had been widely practiced by the Aztecs, but the institution was in decline before the Spanish arrived.
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Duterte bared that during his 2016 presidential campaign, he encouraged land reform because he commiserated with farmer-beneficiaries.
The Cory Aquino made land reform as the centerpiece of her administration's social legislative agenda.
The panel also argued that expropriation without compensation is not, by itself, a solution to land reform, but is just one of the means of acquiring land.
As a remedial action, Kaapanda said the sub-division within the Ministry of Land Reform are now not allowed to accept farm transfer request without a copy of the deed of sale attached.
It is about what you do with land reform or community ownership that really matters.
The President also criticized the communist organizations for carrying out their own version of land reform.
Though it is the country's right to introduce land reforms or amend the implemented land reforms but, with the announcement of land redistribution reforms in South Africa by President Cyril Ramaphosa's, shockwaves have been created across the entire country.
With the 2019 election drawing closer, Na- mibia held its second nationwide conference dedicated to land reform, an issue which remains at the forefront of Namibian politics.
New Delhi: Fitch Solutions said the slow pace of land reforms will continue to result in project delays and rising costs, posing a downside risk for the road and rail sectors.
Originally, the government embarked on two forms of land reform both of which were based on the "willing seller, willing buyer" principal.
Charles Laurie, The Land Reform Deception: political opportunism in Zimbabwe's land seizure era.

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