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the floor area at the top of a flight of stairs or between two flights of stairs
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The horizontal platform at the end of a stair flight or between two flights of stairs.

half-space landing

A stair landing at the junction of two flights which reverses direction, making a turn of 180 degrees. Such a landing includes the width of both flights, plus the well.

quarter-space landing

A square landing connecting two flights of stairs that continue in a straight line.
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What does it mean when you dream about an airplane landing?

An airplane landing may be a symbol for feelings of completion. The dreamer may have felt out of control with issues that were “up in the air” but are being grounded.

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(civil engineering)
A place where boats receive or discharge passengers, freight, and so on.
(mining engineering)
Level stage in a shaft at which cages are loaded and discharged.
The top or bottom of a slope, shaft, or inclined plane.
The termination of an aircraft's flight or of a ship's voyage.
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landing, pace, stair landing

The horizontal platform at the end of a stair flight or between two flights of stairs.
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i. With respect to an aircraft, the act of coming into contact with a supporting surface.
ii. With respect to an airship or a free balloon, the act of bringing the airship or balloon under restraint.
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China will probably avoid a hard landing over the next two years, but a landing on an equilibrium path looks close to impossible.
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