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Based on aircraft type, the aircraft landing gear repair and overhaul market has been segmented into fixed-wing and rotary-wing.
While there is no right or wrong answer when the landing gear won't extend for landing, it is generally better to land on a paved runway:
After approximately 30 seconds, we received a down and locked indication for the nose wheel but the main landing gear displayed an unsafe down condition.
"The aircraft shuddered and rolled as landing gear detached AIR ACCIDENTS INVESTIGATIONS BOARD
A dramatic photograph showed the jumbo jet landing at Gatwick with the right-side wing landing gear not deployed.
The report also said that the electric pump which supplies hydraulic power under normal operation of the landing gear had burnt out.
Carlos Mundo, acting supervisor of the Manila Control Tower, said the landing gear of the Beechcraft malfunctioned, prompting its pilot Sherwin Rala and co-pilot Ronela Acuna to radio the tower for an emergency landing at the NAIA Runway 13/31 past 4 p.m.
Lucintel, a leading global management consulting and market research firm, has analyzed the global commercial aerospace landing gear market by aircraft type and by region and has come up with a comprehensive research report, “Growth Opportunity in Global Commercial Aerospace Landing Gear Market 2013-2020:Trends, Forecasts and Opportunity Analysis” This report provides an analysis of the global commercial aerospace landing gear market including the market trend, supply chain analysis, growth opportunities, key drivers, and emerging trends of the market.
Delivery of the 1,000th 777 landing gear was made on 31 January 2011.
ANA said the pilot deployed the landing gear manually and landed the plane on a second attempt at the Okayama airport, although it is not known whether the gear had actually remained tucked in initially or if the monitor had malfunctioned.
Another Iranian passenger jet had to make an emergency landing last week when its landing gear didn't deploy properly.

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