landing minimums

IFR (instrument flight rules) landing minimums

The minimums prescribed for landing a civil aircraft while using an instrument approach procedure. Also called landing minimums
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If we need to deviate to an alternate--filed or not--the landing minimums used are the ones published on the approach charts.
Progressive experience: Airlines have learned the hard way that experience matters and Part 121 requires captains transitioning to new equipment to increase their landing minimums during their first 100 hours in that type.
This vast improvement could eventually challenge today's taxi, takeoff and landing minimums and provide greater operating flexibilities.
This improved system is hoped to eventually challenge current taxi, takeoff and landing minimums to provide greater operating flexibilities.
Honeywell says it is working with the US Federal Aviation Administration "to understand the path to certification" of a combined synthetic and enhanced vision head-down display system that could be used to gain lower landing minimums in instrument flight conditions without a head-up display.
Kollsman, Inc.'s ( was the first to certify one of those million-dollar systems that uses a heads-up display and affords lower landing minimums in your Gulfstream G-V.
After waiting for the F-18s to land safely (including the #5 F/A-18 who temporarily closed the single runway with a blown tire), Gold 01 landed and relayed the weather was marginally at ILS landing minimums. Gold 01, realizing the difficulty the second cell might experience, wasted no time in coordinating ground refueling and kept the crew in close proximity of the plane.
Multi-piloted criteria: An approach can be commenced when reported weather is at or below published landing minimums as long as the aircraft has the capability to proceed to a suitable alternate in the event of a missed approach.
A procedure will remain if its removal would eliminate the lowest landing minimums to a runway.
This ties in with the FA A's definition of landing minimums using visibility only with no mention of ceiling.