landing minimums, IFR

landing minimums, IFR (instrument flight rules)

The minimum visibility prescribed for landing a civil aircraft while using an instrument approach procedure. This visibility minimum is in addition to the minimums with respect to the decision height/decision altitude prescribed in the instrument approach procedures as follows:
i. Straight-in landing minimums. A statement of the MDA (minimum descent altitude) and the visibility, or the decision height (DH) and the visibility, required for a straight-in landing on a specified runway.
ii. Circling minimums. A statement of the MDA and the visibility required for the circle-to-land maneuver.
Descent below the established MDA or DH is not authorized during an approach unless the aircraft is in a position from which a normal approach to the runway of intended landing can be made and adequate visual reference to required visual cues can be maintained. See circling minimums.
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