landscape screen

office landscape screen

A fixed or movable, free-standing, rearrangeable interior space divider; may incorporate sound-absorptive properties.
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Both units use a high-resolution landscape screen layout ideal for multiple windows, an external 50-channel GPS sensor, 1,000 watts of sounder power output, and NMEA 0183 input/output ports.
As 3D images can be displayed in both portrait and landscape screen orientations, it is ideal for sophisticated mobile devices such as smartphones.
The unit's landscape screen orientation, along with the optimized NetFront web browser, will make for easy viewing of HTML-based Internet web sites on the new 480 x 320 pixel screen.
The vehicle is claimed to be an insight into the future of personal mobility and features a completely reimagined interior of predominantly cloth and wood, front seats that are deeply curved and doors, a Jacquard weave that runs asymmetrically across the seat rear and front, a dashboard that includes an oval steering wheel and two landscape screens with the left displaying driver information, thin blade headlights and a faux grille with a triangular pattern.
Etymologies, the Bible, Japanese landscape screens, the 20th-century avant-garde composer Giacinto Scelsi, differential geometry, Tristan Tzara, the early history of the periodic table--all achieve brief, glittering apotheoses amid the vortex of the speaking I and its intimate, autobiographical traces.
Fifty four ONELAN millennium Net-Top-Boxes (NTBs) and ONELAN Century NTBs are installed throughout The Science Museum, driving portrait and landscape screens to give a flexible automated system.