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language code

(human language, standard)
A set of standard names and abbreviations maintained by ISO for identifying human languages, natural and invented, past and present. Each language has a list of English and French names and an ISO 639-2 three-letter code. Some also have an ISO 639-1 two-letter code.

The list even includes the Klingon language from the Star Trek science fiction series.

Latest list.

There are also country codes.
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The Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport also provided each representative with framed copies of the Provincial Language Code Of Conduct to be displayed in their respective buildings.
She describes communicating on all channels, including the concept that speech is an oral language code, that paralanguage changes the vernal message, and that nonverbal codes send silent messages, then works one-on-one with building communications confidence, developing interpersonal skills and interviewing effectively.
Most of the chapters close with open source R language code for numerical illustrations and computations.
He began his career as a systems programmer with Fifth Third Bank's Midwest Payment Systems (MPS) subsidiary, writing machine language code that connected some of the first ATM/point of sale networks.
The concept of a mind code comes from deciphering and understanding the key to the natural language code.
CHICAGO -- Clerity, a full-service provider of mainframe migration, modernization and optimization solutions, today introduced enhanced automated Assembler conversion tools and services to help companies efficiently translate Assembler application components into readable, maintainable COBOL language code.
The powerful accelerated processing capabilities of MDR enable customers to achieve dramatic performance improvements when running ABAP(TM) programming language code that processes large volumes of data.
Apex Language Code Editor provides code completion suggestions as they are typed for user-defined classes, system classes, and schema objects -- Enhanced Metadata Support adds Force.
Skanska IT solutions developed and extended SPIK over the past 10 years using the now antiquated Gupta language code and report builder.
The geocoder also handles multiple 'locales', meaning that each address can include not only a country code but also a language code.
NET assemblies and determines if security issues exist by examining the metadata, intermediate language code, *.
Previous systems required workers to look up a three-digit language code and manually type the entry into the system taking critical time away from patient care.

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