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language code

(human language, standard)
A set of standard names and abbreviations maintained by ISO for identifying human languages, natural and invented, past and present. Each language has a list of English and French names and an ISO 639-2 three-letter code. Some also have an ISO 639-1 two-letter code.

The list even includes the Klingon language from the Star Trek science fiction series.

Latest list.

There are also country codes.
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Additionally, at the early stages of reading and writing, knowledge of the language code appears to be very important.
For example, the approaches proposed in [6]--[9] transform the LLD program into the IL language code. The main objective of these research works is to convert the PLC program into the IL language code thus it can be executed directly by the PLCs.
In order for the microcontroller, push buttons and DC motors to work together, the microcontroller has to be stored with the Assembly language code. Without this code, the push buttons will not be able to specifically assign when the DC motors to work.
Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS, is the programming language code used to separate the document content from the document presentation.
Further, if you plan to exchange data between a Western European language and say, Japanese or Arabic, then unless you have already agreed on a language code set that everyone can support, you have yourself another major problem (unless you have factored this requirement into the overall corporate strategy).
My New England-raised daughter-in-law remembers the day she broke the language code of my Southern family.
Army Recruiting Command with the language code erroneously included.
Two chapters describe software tools such as disassemblers, object code dump, debuggers, and HLL compiler options that display assembly language code as ways of analyzing compiler output.
Katz already was ahead of the times in contemplating real broadened theoretical horizons, such as a Chinese or wider Asiatic origin for these American civilizations, so his work is still surprisingly up-to-date and fresh, even given the recent advances such as the breaking of the Mayan language code. But the Mayan studies revolution, one of the great successes of modern archaeology, has left all scholars in the dust.
Measurements can be controlled and automated by sequencing SCPI commands, VEE code, any Microsoft .NET language code (including VB .NET, Managed C++ and C#), VXIplug&play, and IVI-COM drivers.
The provision of Welsh language services at the AGM will highlight BT's commitment to the language and is a chance for people to find out about BT's Welsh language code of practice.
Gail confims there is a reference language code among HR professionals which helps them to decipher what is really being said anyway.Where references stray away from factual information, they should be read like holiday brochures or estate agents' schedules.

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