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any of a large and varied group of mammals of the primate order. The term monkey includes all primates that do not belong to the categories human, ape, or prosimian; however, monkeys do have certain common features.
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Hanuman langurs have many predators in the study area.
Opposite the guardhouse, on the far side of the lake the troops of gibbons, macaques and black-shanked douc langurs howl to greet the morning.
In India, hanuman langurs are revered by devout Hindus - indeed, the species takes its name from the Hindu monkey god Hanuman, dedicated servant of the mythical King Rama.
For example, male lions and langurs (SN: 7/10/82, p.
The environment ministry had earlier objected on deploying langurs, terming it a violation of animal rights.
At dawn, our guide took us out in the kayaks to watch spectacled langurs and white-handed gibbons cavorting in the trees.
Seven species of non-human primates including stump-tailed macaque and Slow Loris, Hoolok Gibbons, Carped Langurs, Assamese Macaques and Rhesus Macaques.
On the way, there are chances of spotting langurs, spotted deer and, if you are lucky as we were, even wild elephants.
BRAINTEASERS ANSWERS 1 Macaques, langurs, capuchins etc.
I've not seen any langurs yet - brought in to scare away other monkeys - but we have a guy from the Metropolitan Police and armed Indian soldiers patrolling the village.
They trained 40 youths to pose as langurs and screech; they even got two guns at the cost of ` 50,000 for firing rubber bullets.
Everybody seems to be having a loving, tender time: the passionate monkeys dallying in the sweet-smelling gardens of vacant cottages; the amorous langurs at the golf course; playful butterflies flitting on rhododendron shrubs; ladybirds kissing daisies; thrushes perched on chestnut trees whistling songs and pecking their mates; and mule-mounted honeymooning couples dreamily riding through alpine meadows.