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In the yellow lantern light we peered at what we had accomplished.
The vision of her, as I had last seen her, in the lantern light of the schooner's hold, her brown eyes warm and moist with joy, flashed before me, and I knew that I could not go back.
He turned away casually and strolled along the beach out of the circle of lantern light.
He was looking out over the water, and in the lantern light she noted the lines of his face--strong, stern, dogged, the mouth almost chaste but firmer and thinner-lipped than Tudor's.
Generously molded on Polynesian lines, huge-bodied and heavy-muscled, they were nevertheless like so many children, laughing merrily at little things, their eager black eyes flashing in the lantern light as their big bodies swayed to the heave and roll of the ship.
Long before the family stirred next morning, his horses fed and harnessed by lantern light, breakfast cooked and eaten by lamp fight, Old Man Tarwater was off and away down Tarwater Valley on the road to Kelterville.
99, Screwfix), this is a stunning contemporary take on a traditional lantern light.
Guided by lantern light around the Village Common, guests visit select homes and shops to see how early New Englanders spent their evenings in the days before electricity.
D Herrick, formation of roof over courtyard to form snug with lantern light in roof, Woodlands Old Farm, Denby Lane, Grange Moor.
1 Plas Newydd Christmas house tour, Llangollen, tonight, 4-6pm Tour the ancient house and garden by lantern light and enjoy festive carols as night falls on the gardens.
FAMILIES are invited to experience a local nature reserve by lantern light tomorrow.