laparoscopic surgery

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laparoscopic surgery:

see endoscopeendoscope,
any instrument used to look inside the body. Usually consisting of a fiber-optic tube attached to a viewing device, endoscopes are used to explore and biopsy such areas as the colon and the bronchi of the lungs.
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Although it's uncommon for complications to develop during a laparoscopic surgery, surgeons must always be prepared for something unexpected to occur.
A study in the New England Journal of Medicine showed laparoscopic surgery had a 10.
In an intention-to-treat analysis, laparoscopic surgery was associated with a significantly shorter length of hospital stay, compared with open surgery.
The children who had the laparoscopic surgery were in the operating room longer than those who had the traditional approach and the overall cost was higher.
One patient had a combined ectopic pregnancy excision with tubal ligation, one patient had a combined cholecystectomy with appendectomy and two patients had a combined cholecystectomy with ovarian cystectomy; 47 patients out of 166 who underwent SILS cholecystectomy were diagnosed with acute cholecystitis; 9 cases out of 47 cases of acute cholecystitis were converted to multi-port laparoscopic surgery.
It has an edge over standard multiple port laparoscopic surgery by providing a single entry point, explained Dr Gautam Lahiri, Specialist General Surgeon, Zulekha Hospital, Dubai.
Peter Grant, operations director of Fusion, which has rights help commercial research at Cardiff University said: "Innervision, which provides a simple and highly effective means of maintaining a clear visual field during laparoscopic surgery, continues to meet its development milestones as well as excite surgeons and distributors alike.
Background: Trocar site herniation is a potentially serious complication of laparoscopic surgery.
I Laparoscopic Surgery broadcast live from Holy Family Hospital Operation Theatres through video conferencing facility of Higher Education Commission (HEC) on Saturday.
Washington, Feb 22 (ANI): Robot-assisted surgery is more advantageous than laparoscopic surgery in repairing kidney blockages that prevent urine from draining normally to the bladder, as it is faster and causes less blood loss, according to a new study.
FloShield is a device that addresses several of the top issues surgeons face when performing laparoscopic surgery.

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