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A method of visually examining the peritoneal cavity by means of a long slender endoscope equipped with sheath, obturator, biopsy forceps, a sphygmomanometer bulb and tubing, scissors, and a syringe; the endoscope is introduced into the peritoneal cavity through a small incision in the abdominal wall. Also known as peritoneoscopy.
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the diagnostic examination of the abdominal cavity and its organs through a puncture of the abdominal wall with an optical instrument called a laparoscope; first performed in 1901 by the Russian obstetrician-gynecologist D. O. Otto.

The laparoscope consists of a trocar (a stylet with a sheath); an illumination and optical system; and attachments for taking a piece of tissue or organ, still and motion pictures, and X-ray contrasts of the biliary tract. The laparoscopy is performed with local anesthesia under aseptic conditions. The choice of site for the puncture depends on the region or organ being examined. A single puncture allows examination of the organs of the abdominal cavity and peritoneum within limits defined by the length of the optical system.

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No such complications were noted in the bull operated laparoscopically.
The defect could not be closed laparoscopically and was therefore extended to reduce the risk of incarceration in the event of internal herniation.
Robin Phillips said that if you make Pouch laparoscopically, there is a risk of affecting their sexual life.
After many years of laparoscopically excising endometriosis and performing laparoscopic hysterectomies, many patients would return several months or years later with the similar symptoms.
kidney transplants are being done laparoscopically, and recuperation for the donor averages only two weeks.
He has also operated the oldest woman with gall stones Chaman Jan age 107 years old in which gall bladder was removed laparoscopically Dr Naeem has also removed 5568( Five thousand five hundred and sixty eight stones) from gall bladder of a 70 years old lady, Haseena Begum.
Finally, in a fourth case, (15) a large gastric trichobezoar was removed laparoscopically. A long gastrotomy was made laparoscopically, and the bezoar was placed in a plastic bag and retrieved through a suprapubic laparotomy.
In about 46% of patients, cystectomy was done laparoscopically and in another 10% laparoscopy had to be converted to laparotomy.
This procedure can be performed laparoscopically." He explained that the outcome of the gastric bypass adjustment procedure depends heavily on the patient's strict adherence to prescribed diets that would prevent the bypass orifice (opening) from dilation or enlargement.
Total laparoscopic hysterectomy was defined as completing the entire surgical procedure including the closure of vagina laparoscopically. Uteri were delivered vaginally or by morcellation depending on their sizes.
But doctors at a Gurgaon hospital have now laparoscopically created a neovagina.

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