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Law the termination of some right, interest, or privilege, as by neglecting to exercise it or through failure of some contingency
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A single assignment language for the Manchester dataflow machine.

["A Single Assignment Language for Data Flow Computing", J.R.W. Glauert, M.Sc Diss, Victoria U Manchester, 1978].
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When the algorithm detected the risk of lapsing is high, it sends a special coaching message that matches the reasons that someone is at risk.
Under these features, lapsing is (almost) never optimal, which leads to a lower fee and a higher overall payout to the policyholder.
They cautioned once the information from OECD became available, the FBR will be able to launch a severe crackdown after the lapsing of the tax amnesty scheme.
Don't spend time thinking about why donors are lapsing. The churn is predictable and impossible to stop, although it can be minimized.
Moody's anticipates that some policies might be at risk of lapsing assuming a continued rising cost of insurance and the potential for continued decreased mortality.