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town (1990 pop. 65,674), Pinellas co., W Fla., on the Pinellas peninsula and the Gulf Coast, across the bay from Tampa; settled 1853, inc. 1905. It is a packing, canning, and shipping center in a citrus fruit and fishing area. Its beautiful beaches and many recreational facilities make it a popular resort spot.



a musical term calling for a broad, measured unfolding of the musical fabric. It is used primarily in works of a dignified, ceremonial, and mournful character. In the early 18th century it began to be used also as an indication of a tempo slower than adagio.

The term “larghetto” describes a moderately slow tempo, close to andante.


1. to be performed slowly and broadly
2. a piece or passage to be performed in this way
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Espino said Largo was a high-value target of the Cebu City police and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency in Central Visayas.
We do like to find the edge for sail-fishing," says Dallus Hopper, a freelance mate still in his teens who lives in Key Largo.
9 a 6 cm de largo, glabro, laminas enteras, membranaceas, glabras, de 3 a 5 cm de largo y 2.
Diagnosis: Difiere de las demas especies de Alysiasta descritas para el Nuevo Mundo en la posesion de un ovipositor mas corto (1,19-1,24 veces mas largo que la tibia posterior), la mandibula con ancho basal mayor que el ancho apical (la relacion ancho basal/ancho apical de la mandibula es 1,09-1,11) y en la coloracion.
Caliz con 4 lobulos agudos triangulares de 1 mm de largo.
East Fife secretary John Sharp said: "David Valentine, of the Largo Trust, approached the club in May of this year and we thrashed out a deal for the Largo Trust to be the shirt sponsors for this season at pounds 50,000, plus VAT.
Hojas opuestas en la parte media de los tallos, de 1-2 pares, sesiles o cortamente pecioladas, reducidas en tamano respecto a las apicales, las apicales tetrameras debajo de la inflorescencia, con 2 pares de hojas, algunas veces desiguales en tamano, sesiles, el haz verde obscuro, glabro a escabroso, o con el margen esparcidamente puberulento, el enves claro, glabro o puberulento a lo largo del nervio medio y primarios, ovadas a lanceoladas, de 2-10 cm de largo, 1.
A total of 20 incidents involving Largo sunroofs were reported between September 2000 and July this year in cars produced from April 1993 until May 1999, according to the ministry.