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see lassolasso
, light, strong rope, usually with a smooth, hard finish, made of a fine quality of hemp or nylon. It is used primarily for catching large animals such as cattle and horses.
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has received 510k approval for the Lariat XT soft tissue closure device, the company said.
"The Corsica Gold Lariat Necklace represents the metaphysical properties of illumination, prosperity, and passion, a natural trifecta for the stars.
Martin bought a tricked-out F-150 Lariat, very much like the one in the Gray-Daniels showroom last week with a $53,000 ?
Chrome appearance packages are available with XL, XLT, Lariat and King Ranch.
SOLUTION to Crossword March 03 ACROSS 1 Fail; 3 Lariat; 8 Offer; 9 Tithe; 10 Bureaucrat; 12 Bangladesh; 14 Cling; 15 Noise; 16 Splits; 17 Ugly.
around the neck like a lariat, not for the squeamish, my heart thudding
But with perseverance, pure stamina, fast driving and efficient technique, the duo caught up and succeeded in lassoing him with the lariat -- in just less than an hour after the team moved into action.
Sheathed in sparkling Swarovski crystals, the appealing amulets--worn about the neck with distinctive lariat necklaces--created a buzz throughout the exhibition hall.
Opposite page: Carmen Marc Valvo black silver shimmer gown, $3,330, lariat, $240, and earrings, $170, all from Saks Fifth Avenue.
Gaudet said she hopes to retain various contract print jobs, including the Baylor Lariat, after printing transfers to Austin.