laser diode

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laser diode

[′lā·zər ¦dī‚ōd]

laser diode

A semiconductor-based laser used to generate analog signals or digital pulses for transmission through optical fibers. Both laser diodes and LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are used for this purpose, but the laser diode generates a smaller beam that is easier to couple with the smaller core of singlemode fibers. Laser diodes are designed to emit light either from their edge or their surface, the latter providing a circular beam that couples better with the round core of the fiber.

Laser diodes work on the same principle as the bigger gas lasers. They function as an optical oscillator by stimulating a chain reaction of photon emission inside a tiny chamber. In edge-emitting lasers, the semiconductor waver is cleaved, and the inherent properties of the semiconductor create reflective ends that may or may not be enhanced with additional reflective films. With vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs), the reflectivity has to be added.

The most common semiconductors used in laser diodes are compounds based on gallium arsenide (750 to 900 nm in the infrared), indium gallium arsenide phosphide (1200 to 1700 nm in the infrared) and gallium nitride (near 400 nm in the blue). See laser and solid state laser.

Laser Diodes
Laser diodes such as these are all fabricated using semiconductor processes just like CPU and memory chips. Note that the VCSELs (vixels) produce a circular beam that couples well with a fiber.

A Tunable Laser Diode
Laser diodes also make great sensors. This laser diode from Jet Propulsion Labs is tunable to different frequencies in order to detect various gases both on this and other planets. (Image courtesy of JPL's Microdevices Laboratory; Robert M. Brown, photographer)
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The objective of the research study was to analyze the market trends for each of the industries, growth rates of the various applications (communication & optical storage, industrial, medical, military & defense, instrumentation & sensor, and others) and the demand for the wavelengths in the laser diode market such as near-infrared, red, blue, green, and others.
Sharp and OSRAM believe this will accelerate development of high-performance LEDs and laser diodes and have a positive effect on the creation of devices that match the needs of worldwide markets.
The development of true green semiconductor laser diode completes the three basic colors of the RGB laser light sources.
By exploring the geographical and temporal transfer of laser diode fabrication technology, we investigate how this scientific knowledge made the transition from the United States to Japan, where it flourished in mass market applications.
Second, Nakamura's team formed the new laser diodes on top of a 20-millimeter-thick base of GaN specially designed to constrain the growth of crystal defects.
Furthermore, the laser diode market is segmented on the basis of property (wavelength) into infrared laser diodes, red laser diodes, blue laser diodes, blue-violet laser diodes, green laser diodes, and ultraviolet laser diodes.
This Oclaro 700mW red laser diode enables overall output power to be maximised without increasing the number of components inside the projector,” said Tony Pope, M.
The laser diode was one of the most important technologies underpinning the dramatic changes that occurred in information technology during the latter half of the twentieth century.
Sharp is undecided on the output volume of the blue lasers because large-capacity, next-generation DVD players, in which blue laser diodes will be put into practical use, are not being produced yet, he said.
The Global and Chinese Laser Diode Industry Report 2014 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the global laser diode industry with a focus on the Chinese situation.
Most researchers have been aiming fora "threshold current" of 1 milliampere (mA) -- for laser diode scientists, this current level has been the psychological equivalent of the 4-minute mile, says Amnon Yariv at Caltech in Pasadena.
The first in a family of blue laser diodes being planned for development, Opnext's HL45023TG blue laser diode is designed for accessory or mobile pico projector applications as well as embedded device applications where a pico projector image capability is envisioned to be integrated into a mobile phone.

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