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laser disc:

see videodiscvideodisc
or videodisk,
disk used with a special player and television to reproduce both pictures and sound. A videodisc player cannot record television programs off the air for later playback, unlike a videocassette recorder (VCR) or recordable DVD (see digital
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An early optical videodisc technology for movies and training. Introduced in 1978, Pioneer LaserDisc players came out two years later and became the choice for commercial use. Never widely used, by the 1990s, LaserDiscs were superseded by Video CDs and then DVDs.

LaserDiscs Were Analog
Based on LaserVision (combination of MCA Disco-Vision and Philips Video Long Play), the LaserDisc recorded an analog composite video signal on a continuous, spiraling track (see CLV). Each side of the 12" platter held one hour of video in 108,000 frames.

For interactive training and games, a circular track held one video frame (see CAV), and 54,000 frames provided 30 minutes of video per side. The first LaserDiscs recorded analog audio, but digital audio was later added, and newer players supported multiple language soundtracks. See CED.

Pioneer LaserDisc Player
The LaserDisc platter looks like a monster next to a DVD. Nevertheless, in the 1980s, the LaserDisc was very high tech.
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The original concept was that forecasters would access a library of laser discs (Fig.
In the laser disc decompression procedures, Trimedyne's proprietary side-firing laser needle is inserted under x-ray guidance into the disc, and laser energy is emitted to vaporize a portion of the jelly-like pulposa of the disc to relieve the pressure on the nerves.
In addition, the original training site and library of CD-ROMs and Laser Discs was used extensively as teachers received individual assistance, practice, and feedback, and checked out software to preview and use with their students.
A less popular option for movie lovers: laser disc players, which provide better picture quality than a VCR and move track to track like a CD player and, in newer models, are recordable.
The curriculum consists of 72 lessons, each on a laser disc with 30 minutes of full-motion video and up to an hour of audio narration.
These include not only the traditional audio-visual instructional aids, such as films, overheads, and videos, but also the use and application of newer technologies, such as teleconferencing, satellite broadcasting, computer-based training, interactive video, compact disc, and laser disc technology.
Particularly progressive utilities even let site locators explore and target markets at lightning speed with interactive laser disc technology.
Babyboomers with a love of "technotoys" and a lack of leisure time are pampering themselves with recreational areas that allow them to relax and enjoy the latest videos, electronic games, and compact disc and laser disc releases in the privacy and comfort of the recreational rooms in their own homes.
Derek anticipates having the optical laser disc as part of the firm's inventory in the near future replacing the almost obsolete data processing cards that were once the flagship of the company.
Those commenting that 3D is not dead remind me of the laser disc diehards 10 years after its introduction.
Panasonic hopes that this production plan will fulfill customers' demands and contribute to the steady growth of the laser disc market.

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