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The staggering statistic shows Well's last gasp goals curse striking in six games out of their last 10, including three in a row against Dundee, Partick Thistle and their Scottish Cup exit at the hands of Inverness.
GROUNDED Cliftonville sealed the points with a last gasp Garrett goal
As all eyes must remain wide open in facing up to the last gasp of orgiastic Takfeerist death, the Lebanese people's option to commit to confrontation and resisting of any aggression is ultimately made, Rd concluded.
Al Dhafra were just seconds from securing a slot in their first major final, before Barrada's last gasp equaliser.
Third and First Armies who forced the last gasp of the enemy's might.
Kilbane's last gasp corner was touched by Ferguson and with the home defence switching off Cahill ghosted in to head beyond Davis for three priceless points.
And after seeing his team denied victory by a last gasp goal for the second match in a row, Jones (right) wants his team to show a ruthless streak in the next six days.
As a black hole swallows gas and dust, the doomed material emits a last gasp of high-energy radiation--the X-ray emissions that Swift detected.
In this case what's left over is a residual Minimalism, which, depending on your perspective, is either modernism's last gasp or its postmortem.
To be fair, it should be pointed out that the last gasp of the Trudeau Liberals was to transform its creation, the Canadian Film Development Corp.